Radio Béfô Internationale

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Radio Béfô Internationale, situated in the heart of Bamako, Mali. It stands as a beacon of cultural expression and information along with music. This dynamic radio station has firmly established itself as a vital part of Mali’s radio landscape, offering an array of content that caters to the diverse tastes and needs of its audience. Music is at the core of Befo International’s identity. With a rich blend of traditional Malian melodies, contemporary Afrobeat rhythms, and global hits, the station keeps its listeners grooving. Radio Béfô Internationale is committed to keeping its audience well-informed with its news and info programs.



Language: French

Address: Bamako, Mali

الأنواع: Hits, Music, أخبار, يتحدث

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Radio Béfô Internationale | راديو مباشر على الانترنت