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Radio Battente is the first web radio Licata.

The team consists of John Cicatello, Gino Pira, Calogero Tarlato (director) and Nino Tarlato.

The project stems from the need to give voice to the different experiences of each of us; Nino had its own program in Turin (the Volgar8), John has always played, Calogero is a computer enthusiast, Gino is a freelance journalist.

The experience is common to all, however, the promotion of the territory and its talent made the association Changes in Licata. The aim is mainly to inform. Offer an eye on Licata and Sicily, on Italy and the world, in a new and original perspective. One example is the musical diversity that characterizes the program: the emerging groups to the classics, from neo songwriting Italian electronic music, through the indie and rock more sustained.

A program that goes beyond, that comes from a comparison of those sound drenched moments fooling around that are the basis of every creative idea and fresh. One way to give voice to anyone who has something constructive to say.

Although radio, music is not the only issue; different categories and themes. Gino point (events), Contacts Young (on everyday life experienced by boys), Sparda and Music wretched (on lesser-known artists, but quality), and then the headings cinemusica and literature and philosophy (on new trends, with news and insights from the world), to the Post of the Heart in our local salsa, with the advice of the Master cilia.

A All Swing transmits from a house in the center of Licata, open to anyone who wants to leave their cultural contribution and creativity, aimed at the development of the project of which, our city, so needs.

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