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The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (ام بي سي) is a public service broadcaster and is the principal medium for the dissemination of information, education and entertainment programmes in Mauritius and its outer islands. MBC Maurice 1 is one of the popular radios of MBC. The vision of MBC Maurice 1 is to provide independent and impartial broadcasting services of information, التعليم, culture and entertainment in the different languages spoken or taught in the country and ensure that its broadcasting services help towards the development, of knowledge, روح المبادرة, الحقوق المدنية, واجبات ومسؤوليات السكان.

Official website of MBC Maurice 1 يكون mbcradio.tv

بلد: موريشيوس

الأنواع: /

تطبيق: MBC Maurice 1 App



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