JU FM 94.9


About JU FM 94.9

On the airwaves, and on the frequency of FM 94.9, the University of Jordan broadcasts its varied programs, which reflect the university’s talents and unlimited creativity, which is used by academics, students and workers to spread its nectar in the Jordanian society, bringing with it the knowledge, taste and high artistic culture. Since joining the national radio stations in 2009, the university’s radio has sought to distinguish from other radio stations in form and content and aspired to be an effective tool for communicating the voice of the university to its internal and external environment and interacting with the needs of the university community as well as the local community. The beautiful time songs selected by a specialized technical committee cover the program map; with news feeds 4 times a day.

JU FM 94.9 website address is jufm.ju.edu.jo

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