FM92.5 Voice of Pingtung


About FM92.5 Voice of Pingtung

Since the official operation of the Voice of Pingtung in July 1989, it has set a clear target positioning – “locking the community, close to the grassroots”, all-weather accurate reporting of community life information, local characteristics, 24-hour on-site Call in interaction, to do the most appropriate care and service for the audience! The biggest feature of this radio station is different from the general radio “selling time” business model, the proportion of self-made programs reached 40%, the remaining 60% for the strategic alliance of the program simulcast, in the greater Pingtung area, the radio image decent operation, a long period and local county and municipal governments, heads of organs to do interactive visits on the program, of which with the Southern District State Taxation Bureau Pingtung Branch of the tax advocacy and singing activities, is spared no effort to promote!


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Language: 汉语

Frequency: 92.5 FM

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