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Exclusively Only The Hits From Your Favorite Artists. Exclusively Duran Duran – HITS is a UAE-based radio station that exclusively plays the best hits by one of the most iconic and successful new wave bands of all time. Providing a musical platform for fans of their iconic music. Duran Duran, a pioneering New Wave and Synth-pop artist, has left an indelible mark on the music world. With their infectious melodies, and catchy lyrics they reached to fame in a sort time. Exclusively Duran Duran – HITS plays songs from all of Duran Duran’s albums. From their early days as a new wave band to their later success as mainstream pop artists.

Website: www.play.exclusive.radio

Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: Exclusive.Radio

تويتر: @ExclusiveRadio_

Instagram: Exclusive.Radio

Language: Arabic, English

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