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If the question – “how much fish ?!” – no knocks you astray, and brings to mind that glorious time when Disco 90 chewed «Love is …», the channel – “Disco 90,101” – for you!

The best dance music from the 90 stars of the time. 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Scooter, Maxx, Mo-Do (Modo), Snap, Ice MC, دكتور. Alban, E-type.

Remember when Disco 90 painstakingly recorded them on audio tapes? Progress does not stand still. Disco 90 have gathered all the representatives of the 90’s disco on the same radio station. Plug and immersed in a magical world where your parents believed Lena GOLUBKOV and MMM.

Disco 90 عنوان الموقع هو 101.ru

بلد: روسيا

الأنواع: /

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