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To contribute to the democratization of information, especially radio and television with the wide participation of all the means they deem necessary to the creation of the actual information, prioritizing Latin America and the Caribbean. Working for unity and solidarity and struggle for linking people to information as a means to achieve a better quality of life.
To encourage relationships through communication with a work based on equality and solidarity among peoples, stimulating defense of cultural diversity through integrating project promote the development of all, trying to make the most through collaboration sustainable mutual by radio broadcast related activities. Incorporating new technologies for broadcasting. Consolidating an interactive network and online community radios to believe in a world of solidarity and a just global wealth.
It arises from the concern to achieve communication between the different radii of the continent, trying to have the look of every people when befall the facts, as he thought, and now develops the fruit of these partnerships will be seen, these stations are the primes that made the communication.

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بلد: أوروغواي

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