City Classic FM 91.9

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City Classic FM 91.9, Spain’s premier radio station dedicated to the timeless melody of classical music. Nestled within the heart of Spain, this captivating radio station offers a melodic haven for classical music enthusiasts. At the core of City Classic FM’s charm is its vast and diverse collection of classical music. The mission of City Classic FM 91.9 is to provide quality entertainment and nostalgia for the fans of classic music. The radio station strives to play the best songs from different genres and eras, such as pop, rock, soul, RnB, disco, funk and more. Tune in and let the classical tunes transport you to a realm of everlasting musical brilliance.


Language: Spanish

Address: Bilbao, Spain

Frequency: 91.9 FM

الأنواع: Classic, Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul

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