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BOB FM 96.9 broadcasts 24/7, they play non-stop song, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft, and many others’ song stay at the net. With having exceptional net connection, listeners can experience a well-prepared playlist and songs from everywhere within side the global at any region with BOB FM 96.nine. To make the teens related with the song global, they enhance their playlist with songs that teens will love.


FaceBook: 96.9 BOB FM

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +1 412-316-3342


Address: 5000 McKnight Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237

PlayStore: 96.9 BOB FM Pittsburgh

AppStore: 96.9 BOB FM Pittsburgh

الأنواع: Classic Hits

Region: United States

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