Ahmed Amer

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Sheikh Ahmed Amer, born in 1927 in Faqus, Egypt, is an Egyptian Qari of undeniably good reputation and knowledge.
Shaykh Ahmed Amer memorized the Holy Quran at a very young age.In the quest for knowledge and in the interest of Islam, Shaykh Ahmed traveled to many countries of the world namely, Palestine, Brazil, Britain, the US, and France, for Quran recitation. He met with success when he was appointed as a Quran reciter in the Egyptian radio when he reached 36 years of age.
Shaykh Ahmed has left for his heavenly abode and left a void in the world of Quran recitation.

Ahmed Amer official website address is www.mp3quran.net

الأنواع: Islamic

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Ahmed Amer | راديو مباشر على الانترنت