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The proprietor’s vision of Pinoy Jutsu FM is for it to be a safe house for those fatigued spirits needing cover from the commonplace and appalling issues of the real world. This virtual “Parlor” or “Shack” as the proprietor lovingly calls it, is for every single online jabber, audience members and djs who need to make the best of their online visit and broadcast appointment experience. The proprietor himself is a self admitted visit fiend, so intrigued with the virtuality of the talk world. It was in the start of 2019 that He found that He as well, could be a dj, (yet an inferior one) and gave audience members some euphoric encounters on air.

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Website: www.frambulan.com

Email: info@frambulan.com

FaceBook: Pinoy Jutsu Community

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Address: Scout Reyes 2000 Quezon City, Philippines

الأنواع: Dance, Electronic, Pop, قمة 40

قمة 10 Philippines Radio Stations
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