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At 15.40 on 16 February 1976 , in a small studio set up in an apartment in the neighborhood Giambellino, on the outskirts of Milan, begins a great adventure: for the first time a private radio station broadcasts its signal throughout Italy. And ‘ Radio Studio 105 , later renamed Network 105 , and finally, in the mid-nineties, Radio 105 . The radio of Records. Why? Why in the Bel Paese is the first network, the issuer of the pioneering inventions, the one with the headquarters in the heart of Milan and two overseas offices in New York and Miami.
Times have changed, but the past of Radio 105 is never out of fashion for this web radio 105 Story celebrates – in the modern scenario, online media and mobile – the first three and a half decades of our issuer. Original music vintage: about 105 Story plays 24 hours 24 Italian and international successes that marked an era. The songs became hits thanks to Radio 105 , the legendary jingle , the notorious Discolancio and Numbers 1 rankings Hit 105 Hit Italy and Discomania. Stay tuned!

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