Alternative 101


About Alternative 101

At the station Alternative 101 you will hear different styles of rock music, opposes itself to traditional! Alternative rock appeared in the 1980s. and immediately embraced many styles, dating back to the punk-rock, post-punk, and others. Now it is divided into two periods: the first – a group of the 1980s. with a wide range of creative activity, and the second – a group of the 1990s., received the same support major labels and promotion, as well as traditional pop and rock bands. You will hear both the first and second! For those of you day and night, tirelessly and legs, sparing no voices and forces his most important hits will be performed by NIRVANA, OZZY OSBOURNE, OFFSPRING, GARBAGE, LIMP BIZKIT, LINKIN PARK, MUSE and many other Western representatives alternative direction.

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