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The broadcast of this radio, which is broadcasting in Jhapa, is clear in the land of Jhapa, Elam, Panther, Morang, Sunsari. Taplejung and Tehthumum are also clear in some parts of the country .The Darjeeling, Ciliguri, Indian cities, which are very popular among Nepali people, can also be heard clearly. The survey conducted in Kartik and Mansir month of 2071 shows more than 1 million regular listeners. Radio has set such goals for the welfare of the society in view of the welfare of the society .The goal is to create unparalleled transparent, discriminated, prosperous, democratic, and prosperous societies for democratic development .The radio has taken the following objectives to achieve their goals. 1. True, balanced and confidential and to inform the society by news and broadcasting. 2. Production and distribution of academic and useful educational programs for the society. 3. Production and broadcasting healthy entertainment programs for healthy development of the masses.

Aagan FM website address is www.aaganfm.com.np

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