About 4Allsounds

4Allsounds is an idea by Peter Boer and therefore part of AudioTron .

4Allsounds is different than any other channel also, if you are thinking of a DJ for parties and you will hear a different sound here, in the country music that I might never turn you right here expect.

Why 4Allsounds ?: Just because you can, because I like to also let people hear this music. Not just the big hits that are rotated throughout all but those best bits of the 60s until today. Which also include country and pop songs and music we heard earlier on the pirate. This creates a sound where there is something for everyone to come along, here is originated the name …. 4Allsounds for anyone for any sound.

4Allsounds official website address is www.djpeterboer.nl/4allsounds

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