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Radio DELFIN was founded on November 16, 1999. within the company OD “ Auto Mirko 2“ and in a very short time it became the most popular radio in Prokuplje (55,000 inhabitants) and the whole of southern Serbia where we hear each other (in Nis, Aleksinac, Leskovac, Vlasotince, Vladicin Han, Svrljig, the whole Toplica district and partly in Kosovo). It is not small for a life in a turbulent time in which it was built, real and survives until now.
сегодня, Radio DELFIN broadcasts its program 24 hours a day on the frequency 100.2 МГц. The program is diverse, partly informative, commercial and fun music. It is a combination that has given a good result so far. We simply want to be up to date at all times, for the listener to have our information and not be overburdened with it. On the other hand, radio is something that is, and that is entertainment. We are integrated into a drinkable program that can interest people in the car and at work and at home.

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