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Absolute Radio 60s is a British radio station devoted to music from the 1960s. Started by Absolute Radio to supplement its decade form radio stations, it initially publicized on 22 Ноябрь 2011, appearing a prior week Absolute Radio 70s. The station telecasts through Digital Audio Broadcasting (Dab) on the Digital One multiplex in a few regions of the Uk, and is additionally accessible on the web, where it could be entered utilizing Radioplayer. Absolute Radio 60s was the first Uk radio station to be committed exclusively to music from the decade. On 23 апрель 2013, the Radio Today site reported that Absolute Radio had uprooted Absolute Radio 60s and Absolute Classic Rock from some Dab stages in England and Wales, yet the stations pressed on to telecast in London and on the web.
Официальный сайт: www.absoluteradio60s.co.uk

Страна: объединенное Королевство

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