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În 1981 was the Dutch coast the ship of Radio Paradise , the MV Magda Maria .
One of the two medium wave was present for the station Radio Monique . Through early intervention of the Dutch government ‘s plans for this have never done . Then in August 1983 the Ross Revenge of Radio Caroline off the British coast anchored took Monique organization contact Ronan O’Rahilly .
There was an agreement to rent the 50 kW transmitter from October 1984 and use it to broadcast English broadcasts during the day.
Radio Monique was funded by some Dutch and Belgian businessmen and the Canadian Lottery 6/49 . To create the programs were used Music Media International, the company Fred and Gerda Bolland . The company worked legally because they made programs for various legal radio stations in Belgium and Spain . Because there were transmitter and antenna problems on the Ross Revenge was the start of the transmitter can be postponed but on December 15, 1984 is the day. Radio Monique starts at 963 kHz with test transmissions .
At 12:00 on the 16th December the day. Radio Monique starts its official broadcasts. There are programs both live board presented as broadcast from tape .
In October 1987, Radio Monique sold , but lots of fun , the new owner does not have the transmitter . A month later, the station moved to the 963 kHz 819 kHz . Shortly thereafter , on November 25, 1987 breaks down during a storm the tower on the Ross Revenge . Radio Caroline is back fairly quickly with an emergency antenna . For Radio Monique is a fiberglass antenna installed in May 1988 , but this , the high transmission power and not melt at the first test . Decided to record the 558 kHz Radio Caroline daytime Monique available to the organization .
Radio Monique goes from the Ross Revence continue as Radio 558 .

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