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Radio Kljuc serves to provide timely, truthful and quality information to the citizens of Ključ Municipality.
Radio Kljuc is a freedom of speech and expression, quality and timely information, quality of educational and entertainment content, a medium of public interest that respects and promotes the highest standards and rules of the profession, communication rights of citizens, culture and democratic orientation of society.
The basic content of Radio Ključ is information, entertainment and education. That is, to inform the public in a timely and truthful manner; entertain, educate and relax listeners; to respect his principles and codes, to communicate his message in a radio form to the audience in a fun, dynamic and interesting way.

Detalii de contact-

Site-ul web:


Facebook: media-kljucba

Numar de contact: +387 37 660-049

Abordare: Branilaca BiH bb 79280 Kljuc BiH 660 050

Frequency: 94.3 FM, 99.1 FM

Țară: Bosnia si Hertegovina


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