Hawaiian Music Live

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Hawaiian Music Live! is Hawaii’s Internet Radio. Our station was created in 2016 by Hawaiian music industry veterans Randy Hudnall and “Bruddah Wade” Faildo. As former radio disc jockeys and programming directors, Randy and Wade have over 50 combined years of experience, making them two of the most knowledgeable Hawaiian music aficionados in their field. Hawaiian Music Live was born from Randy and Wade’s wish to continue keeping Hawaiian music alive and to go one step further and expand it globally to reach fans in and beyond the island.

Detalii de contact

Site-ul web: www.hawaiianmusiclive.xyz

Facebook: hawaiianmusiclive

Stare de nervozitate: hawaiianmusiclive

Instagram: hawaiianmusiclive

E-mail: aloha@hawaiianmusiclive.xyz

Numar de contact: 8085208522

Țară: Statele Unite

Cerere: Hawaiian Music Live App



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