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Listen to the first music radio – Radio M on the frequencies 98.7 MHz FM Sarajevo, 104.2 MHz Banja Luka, 106.3 MHz Tuzla and 89.8 MHz Zenica
Radio M is the first private radio station in the Balkans. It was founded in 1990 in Sarajevo, offering listeners a new concept of a radio program. The first commercial Radio in the Balkans and BiH set new standards, both in technical and programmatic terms, and became a model for all radio stations that emerged later and took over the same concept en masse.
From then until today, Radio M symbolizes modern, fun, urban radio in BiH.

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Facebook: hitradio.radiom

Numer kontaktowy: +387 61 931 131

Adres: Igmanska BB 71000 Sarajevo, Bośnia i Hercegowina.

Kraj: Bośnia i Hercegowina

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