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A young, experienced and professional team of people stands behind the cheerful Rovinj FM team. We started broadcasting on 10th August 2015 exactly at 7 un m, so we are also the youngest radio baby in Croatia. The Rovinj FM Program is realized with the highest production, technical and program standards. The program basis is aimed at promoting real social values, equality and solidarity while not ignoring the general public-social interest community. At the very end we want to highlight the most important features of the new program of Rovinj FM, namely dynamics, actuality, pluralism, truthfulness, penetration, independence and quality music. In our work, we will respect professionalism with the truthfulness of stocking while respecting and upholding the highest business standards.

Détails du contact-

Site Internet:



Numéro de contact: +385 52 840 830

Adresse: Zagrebačka 12a 52210 Rovinj, Croatie

Pays: Croatie


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