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In the history of Dailekh, it has been successful to overtake its place in the short run, which is the first meeting of the organization, and date of 2066/929, as per the purpose of establishing communication media, communication media, and public rights of the displaced people and public rights. According to the decision of the second meeting on Wednesday, a communication co-operative organization was registered in the district of Daailakh and according to its purpose Amudayika radio operation after a decision on 12 septembre 2066 as dhuravatara Cooperative Ltd. to duly registered by the Division co-founded the DPO is. Using hundreds of full-sized pillars, one sacred garage, observing the status of every living behind each backward and right wat of Dailekh, using inspiration and freedom to get the ideas on the basis of the date of view of the date 2067 and communication co-operative from the Ministry of Communications. Date 2066 after receipt of the permission of the community FM to be held under the organization. Established as an institution duly j 6 BAC day informal in conformity with the rate of 13 hours a day was the beginning of regular piriksana broadcast. As a result, the official was inaugurated by Chief District Officer, Valdev Gautam, on the day of January 2067.

Dhurbatara Samudayik FM 89.8 L'adresse du site Web est www.dtfm.org

Pays: Népal

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