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Akure Radio (AR) is an online community based radio station serving geographic communities and communities of interest in and around Akure city, towns and villages making up the kingdom by streaming via internet contents that are relevant to local communities, cosmopolitan listeners and specific audience. Akure Radio Online is a new media and cultural development in Akure, broadcasting a mix of music, community news, interviews, indigenous shows, live events, religious programmes, radio drama, podcasts, santé, economy and more.

Détails du contact-

Site Internet: www.akureradio.com

Email: office@Akure%20Radio.com

Langue: Yoruba, Anglais

Numéro de contact: +81 720 2212

Adresse: 22 Innovative, San Francisco, CETTE 94043, NOUS.

Pays: Nigeria

Genres: /

Application: Akure Radio App



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