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Kontakt Radio broadcasts 24/7, they will take on without layovers music, gangster rap, steel, hip hop, hypnotic trance, electronica house, nation, delicate and so on music dwell on the web. To create the particular youngsters connected with the particular music entire world they will enhance his or her playlist with melodies that youngsters will like.

Detalles de contacto-

Sitio web: www.mojkontakt.com

Email: redakcija@odgovorkontakt.com

Facebook: dobriduhgrada

Gorjeo: @Dobri_duh_grada

Instagram: rtv_kontakt

Número de contacto: +387 51 927 000

Habla a: Vase Pelagica 25 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia y Herzegovina

Frequency: Banja Luka 90.0 FM

País: Bosnia y Herzegovina


Solicitud: Kontakt Radio App



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