Radio Rab

Die Info Stationen Bericht

Radio Rab is a local city radio whose program base can be briefly reduced to three words: Information, Musik und Unterhaltung. Through daily info shows we try to announce and report on all important and less important events from the island of Rab, but also outside it, especially when it comes to people and events that are in any way related to Rab, whether it is cultural, scientific, lehrreich, politisch, environmental or any other topics.
The program is usually performed according to the concept of “one-man show”, with conversations with guests in the studio or by phone, with recorded items from the field. We have adapted the program to irregular events on Rab, so that there is always room for calls from the field to be as fast as possible in the transfer of information.




Facebook: RadioRab926MHz

Kontakt Nummer: 00385 51 771 524

Adresse: Banjol 6, Rab 51280

Frequency: 92.6 FM

Land: Kroatien


Anwendung: Radio Rab App



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