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DUB RADIO started operating in 1972 under the name Radio Station Bosanska Dubica. Dub radio, which is one of the oldest media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sendungen 24 Stunden pro Tag. Dub Radio dependant on Srpska, Bosnia and also Herzegovina is one of the popular new music station. Dub Airwaves station surging music and also programms both in air and on the net. Originally it’s a various kind of music Radio channel plays 24 Stunden pro Tag 24 several hours live on the net. Dub Airwaves also operate various audio programs consistantly for that people of most ages.


Webseite: www.rtv-kd.com

Facebook: rtvkd

Adresse: Svetosavska 21,
Kozarska Dubica 79240, Bosnia i Herzegovina.

Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina


Anwendung: Dub Radio App



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