Cegléd Rádió 92.5

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The entertainment listeners gets from a radio like Cegléd Rádió 92.5 is very high and this is why everyday throusands of listeners around the world visits and tune in to the radio. Cegléd Rádió 92.5 gives the listeners the kinds of programs they wants from them and this is why this is a very popular online radio station.


Webseite: www.cegledradio.hu

Email: info@cegledradio.hu

Facebook: cegledradio

Sprache: Magyar

Kontakt Nummer: +36 53 925 925

Adresse: Kossuth Ferenc utca 6. Cegléd, Ungarn 2700

Land: Ungarn

Genres: /

Anwendung: Cegléd Rádió 92.5 App



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